Hussam Hijazi corporation for aluminum.

Founded in 2008 in Irbid under the patronage of Mr. Hossam Hijazi and is among the top 100 companies operating in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan market and because of the strength of the demand of traders and its industrial market and the confidence of companies institutions and shops has expanded throughout the kingdom where it has a branch in Amman, Sahab Our focus is the latest development and national market and in order to achieve this goal we provide our employees with a good practical environment that enables them to innovate and intellectual innovation and together we strive to achieve the company's goals through the business journey


Excellence in providing best-in-class solutions and high quality services to our customers and achieve valuable growth for our organization.


-Provide the best value and services for our customers constantly.
-Issue Sports Center in everything related to operational efficiency
- Focus on sectors related to the growth of the Jordanian economy ,and achieve a leading position through the development of profitable and scalable businesses


Allocate resources more effectively avoiding waste to achieve optimal returns
Customer focus :exceed customer expectations by offering the most tailored products and the best service levels
Respect and fairness :dealing with customers ,businesses,employees and authorities in accordance with the highest standards of integrity ,respect and Justice

Quality: maintain the highest quality throughout our organization



MDF & Latte &Fiber boards


All aluminum kitchen accessories & UPVC


For those looking for the best quality

  • Aluminum kitchen accessories
  • Aluminum doors and Windows Accessories
  • Palestinian section doors and windows accessories
  • Window door accessories and upvc
kitchen partition Hydraulic / stainless normal-centre / high

kitchen partition Hydraulic / normal-centre / high

drawer rail pel

4 sm -30 sm -35 sm -40 sm -45 sm -50 sm -55 sm -60 sm

Blind Rivets 350*10/ 4*10/ 4*12

chocolate-white - black-champagne-wooden-Rotten-silver

Gtass hots 90 sm

Snap hots 90 sm

Hood host 4inch length 10m

extractor hood 4 inch

Hood missing from 6 inches to 4 inches

Jelly basket 80cm / 90cm

Fruit basket

Circular basket

Vegetable basket

Plastic corner 4*4 upright / 4*4 pyramidal / JMS JMS solid

Plastic angle 2.5 stand /2.5 pyramidal / structure jar / 2.5 triangular

Stainless steel kitchen hands

MDF panels and latte 15 mm multi colors

White and colored fiberglass panels

2.5 mm / 4mm / 5mm / 6mm

Door kitchens Laser Drill quarter / half board / full board

Door carisma kitchens / Louvre / Armada

Gallon PVC glue

Paper rolls pvc thermal

Turkish door lock tongue + say 20mm cylinder 56mm

Turkish door lock tongue 45 mm cylinder 70 mm

Turkish bath Door Lock 20 mm

Turkish door lock tab 35mm cylinder 100mm

Turkish door lock tongue 30mm cylinder 70mm

Turkish door lock tongue 25mm cylinder 80mm

Chinese bathroom door lock 20mm

Chinese door lock say 20mm cylinder 56mm

Chinese door lock tongue 20mm cylinder 56mm China manufacturer

Single handle automatic color white / black / champagne / silver

Double nsandele automatic Color white / black / champagne / silver

heavy left and right

White / Champagne / Black / Chocolate / silver

Turkish aluminum door handles


Chinese aluminum door handles


American Zipper calf 100 kg

American Zipper calf 60 kg

عجل منخل امريكي MG

Window Screen

Profile baby

Profile Royal

Dust blocker

Double filters


Seesurs double

hinge and hinge GR9 Black / chocolate / champagne / silver / white

Feather screw

Morris silicone anti-mold

silicone anti-mildew coating

coating paste

Italian cutting tray 35 cm

Hands doors 2000

hinge profile 2000 color black

Milano window lock black / white / Champaign

Sieve Zipper Wheel

calf zipper envelope

air kit

Angle box

Angle detector

Sieve angle

Top + bottom sieve corner

Hand drill sieve

Hand sieve buckle

Unearthly seed

Ninja angle

Hinge white/ brown door 10 cm

Hinge door (3D) White/ brown

Hands countersunk window white / brown

Hand window white / brown

Hand circular sieve

Plastic sieve bases

Circular hand sieve

plastic sieve bases

Arm window hinges

30 sm / 40 sm / 60 sm / 80 sm / 100 sm / 120 sm / 140 sm / 160 sm

Zipper window arm

40 sm / 60 sm / 80 sm / 100 sm / 120 sm / 140 sm / 160 sm

  • Aluminum kitchen accessories
  • Aluminum doors and Windows Accessories
  • Palestinian section doors and windows accessories
  • Window door accessories and upvc
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